Our association of ethnocultural centres and organisations ECHO aimed at heritage preservation unites ethnocultural centres, cultural and public institutions of Karelia with enterprising people in order to develop areas in which they operate.

The main objective of the organisation is to preserve and popularise cultural customs of Karelian peoples via a network of ethocenters, situated in various parts of the Republic.

Our primary lines of action can be listed as following:

  • to examine, analyse and summarise the modern-day experience, as well as ways and methods regarding preservation and development of ethnocultural heritage;
  • to assure accessibility of information concerning ethnocultural heritage for general public;
  • to assist the members of the association in the access to best latest Russian and international practices in preservation and development of ethnocultural heritage;
  • to facilitate the development of promising techniques as regards to ethnocultural heritage;
  • to accommodate experience exchange regarding preservation and development of ethnocultural heritage between members of the Association, as well as local and international professionals;
  • to develop international cooperation;
  • to preserve and safeguard the identities, cultures, languages, and traditions of Russian Federation.

Our Association’s efforts are funded through grants, donations and entrepreneurial activity.

Association “ECHO” is in partnership with the regional ministries of Karelia, non-profit organisations, and the business community.